Hand-woven towels for the kitchen, made in California

I am a self-taught weaver, trained dressmaker, and aspiring potter who creates things for everyday use in the kitchen.

My woven towels are mostly made in plain weave with neutral colors. They are inspired by the old linen cloth woven by my great-grandparents in Germany. This family of farmers and weavers harvested and spun their own flax crop, and wove natural linen yardage for sale as well as for their own household – it was used for everything from curtains to clothing, tablecloths, bags and towels.

The linen towels I weave today have the same humble but beautiful sensibility. In addition, they dry hands, dishes and produce exceedingly well.

If you would like to know more, please see my Notes on each towel and other things I make, or contact me directly at hello [at] annnetteaylward.com.